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Offshore Facilities

Web Netting Installation

WINCLEX has highly trained specialized Crew that can handle every aspect of a full Offshore Platform painting campaign with Rope Access, Blasting, and Painting. A Rope Access Crew is an extremely cost-effective solution for Offshore Platforms as it enables significant savings to be made on manpower, materials, and scaffolding. Furthermore, it saves a considerable amount of time normally spent Installing and Dismantling Scaffolding. For Overboard Work, we provide a web netting installation in Saudi Arabia, which takes the place of traditional hanging scaffolding. We also have Qualified Rope Access Welders for Installation work.

Services We Offered

  • Blast Cleaning:
    • UHPWJ Water Jet Cleaning.
    • Dry Abrasive Blasting.
    • Wet Abrasive Blasting.
  • Coating, Painting and Insulation Application.
  • Communication Tower Refurbishment:
    • Replacement of Cables, Cable Trays, Ladders and Gratings.
  • Full Painting of the Tower.
  • Offshore Platform Painting Campaigns.
  • Conventional NDT Inspection.
  • ACFM Inspection.
  • DROP Object Survey.
  • Coating Condition Survey.
  • Aircraft Warning Light Installation.
  • Web Net – Fall Protection Netting Installation


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