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Civil and Infrastructure

Glass and Panels Replacement Service

Winclex has expanded the remit of the team with extensive experience in Rope Access Critical Projects into various sectors, from general support during construction projects to the realization of window cleaning in places where it seems impossible. The efficiency with which we work can considerably reduce your lead time with minimal impact on the environment. For every challenge at height, we work with you to find the ideal application of rope access.

Services We Offered

  • External Glass and Panel Cleaning
  • Exterior Wall crack repair and application of textured paint.
  • High-Pressure Washing and Cleaning
  • Touch Up Painting on Structural Members.
  • Silicon leakage Inspection and replacement.
  • Silicon repair work on the façade.
  • LED Light Installation
  • Sticker and signage application and removal.
  • Replacement of glass and panels
  • Lifeline installation
  • Rescue Cover for anyone working at height

Winclex is a qualified by many of paint companies as an Intumescent Paint Applicator In KSA, our experienced professionals specialized rope access team can reach even narrow spaces in minimal time and reducing the labor and material costs required to complete the job.

our division of Protective Painting Applicator In Saudi Arabia can carry out all type of proofing coating


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